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THIS WEB SITE IS IN HONOR OF, AND DEDICATED TO ANNA La FORTUNE,  for her great love of this breed and her total devotion for over 60 years that she spent developing and showing her SUNGOLD line of Poms.  The unique thing she did for her Pom line was the temperament!  These little guys are quiet and clam, while still being playful and agile.  They will literally fall asleep on their backs in your arms.
  I am forever grateful for the trust and confidence she has placed in me to continue her line when she became unable to do so herself due to an injury. She sent her Champion boys and great girls to me,then legally turned over her Sungold name to me. The credit for these poms I have and will produce in the future is all Anna's.  They are now and always will be, in my mind, Anna's Poms. Thank you "Mother" for such a special gift.  


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In the following pages you will see some of Anna's Champions which is the foundation upon which the present and future puppies you see, was and is built.  Her favorites were Wonderful and Phyner Touch, lovingly known as JR.

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